Thursday, 15 July 2010

'New World'

a link to 'New World' by Jade Mortimer for Virgin Shorts.
Sound Design by ME!
I tried to create a sonic sub-text beyond the visual narrative. I did this by splitting the film into two, suspense and confusion. In the first half I use the ambiguity to my advantage by creating a sort of unusual and mysterious soundscape made entirely from real-world sounds, most of which were recorded on location. For the second half, after the relationship between the two characters has been ascertained I used cartoon and filmic cliches to help create a sense of confusion; the removal of her blindfold sparks a blast of bird-tweets, mimetic of old cartoons used to represent a characters daze-like state; the low rumble representing suspense and confusion.
The sound grows until crescendo, resulting in the death of the captive.
The ambiguity of the piece allowed me to go quite far without there being too much hint dropping; after all I wanted the sound to act as a second fiddle, as it were, to the lush colours and play of the film.

It was exhibited by the Martha Collective in a Pop-Up Gallery in Hackney, East London.

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