Saturday, 13 June 2009

Songs At Sea

Sir Ensign.
Sigh Wren.
S High Run.
Si Ran.

By Night

By night I hear her course throughout the room.
A single route, tried and tested, rehearsed until sunshine falls from the eyes of the burning giant.
Her 'clips' and 'clops', akin to that of a soft-toed horse, are heard through sleep muted ears.
Her eyes, as wide and dark as pools of immeasurable oil-spill, stare and scan for signs of life..."none but the slow moving, sleep-bound silhouettes", she continues the run through.
Up, up, pause, up and after a time down.
Then across and back again.
A moving carousel lulling to a stop before a disembarking pounce.

As only a semi-sleeper I witness this strange and intriguing ritual daily.
In response I offer greetings and words which may as well be spoken in Gibbon tongue, for they are useless, futile, alien...un-understood.
Our communication is through other, more unusual means.
...I jog, she runs. She hides, I find.
Small squeaks; ambiguous, yet tended to.

Zilog Z80

Varying stages of green to a complete black.

Pond Scum
Turtle Back
Island In Distance
Eyes Closed
Deep Ocean Death

-flagstaff survey exception 1
my only hand is loose

-flagstaff survey exception 2
without outdoor space

-flagstaff survey exception 3
hungry bison


Mountain Hold

The face of a mountain is dotted with the sprigs of colour associated with lifestyle changes.
A Goat orders, for his pastures, a gold green grass carpet.
The Eagle puts recently delivered chain-mail to good use, reinforcing her nest.
Holes and burrows are being spring cleaned and painted with emulsions & mattes. The Vole opts for belly-laugh brown.
The Rabbit, at the foot of the ancient stone mound, depicts a scene from Fantasia using 256 colours.
The Bighorn Sheep, bleeping and baa'ing, is spending quality time with the family by filling the flock-sized paddling pool he installed in the midst of winter.
The Cougar, having explained in a recent 1000 word correspondence, enjoys his new Council fitted Aquability walk-in bathing unit.
The self-conscious Snake, sporting a new multi-coloured Muumuu, frets not about the length of time it takes for her meals to digest and the wrong-doing it does to her figure.
Yep, life is good for the mountain dwellers.

So good in fact that they have took no notice whatsoever of the slow-moving paper chain of people making their way to the summit.
16 hands shaking.
8 heads nodding.
8 mouths speaking.
8 patting shoulders.
Thousands of single hair strands all flailing about.
Two Hundred And Twenty Four teeth being lied through (and none with skin on)

What of the mountaineers on their return?
What of the words they spoke?
What of the coverage and the voice of those they represent?
What of the animals and their 'keep yourself quiet' pay-offs?