Saturday, 13 June 2009

By Night

By night I hear her course throughout the room.
A single route, tried and tested, rehearsed until sunshine falls from the eyes of the burning giant.
Her 'clips' and 'clops', akin to that of a soft-toed horse, are heard through sleep muted ears.
Her eyes, as wide and dark as pools of immeasurable oil-spill, stare and scan for signs of life..."none but the slow moving, sleep-bound silhouettes", she continues the run through.
Up, up, pause, up and after a time down.
Then across and back again.
A moving carousel lulling to a stop before a disembarking pounce.

As only a semi-sleeper I witness this strange and intriguing ritual daily.
In response I offer greetings and words which may as well be spoken in Gibbon tongue, for they are useless, futile, alien...un-understood.
Our communication is through other, more unusual means.
...I jog, she runs. She hides, I find.
Small squeaks; ambiguous, yet tended to.

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